Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our Valleys

Instead of turning away, meet the valley head on, and go through it with Jesus. This is where Jesus is, and where he wants us, where he wants to grow with us! It's exciting, it's joyous, it's beautiful. To be in the place where Jesus wants us to be, alongside him. Therefore, we can face our valley with joy and peace. Trust the goodness and love of God, and ask Him about the valley. We don't have to hide that.

I'm in the valley. I've admitted it, and now I'm walking through it with Him. I'm there because of decisions I've made, and Jesus knows that and is ok with that.

What a gracious, loving daddy we have. What a sweet, loving friend we have to hold onto.


  1. Say Chum isn't admitting to it the very reason to believe you aren't there anymore? But I realize that you will find yourself there more and more over time because you love the broken and you fearlessly go to them---you head on straight back to the valley they're in and sing songs with them as you are led out. You're a beautiful thing Chum. In every way.
    This entry reminds me of Aragorn in the Return of the King. The part where Legolas, Gimli and himself go back into the caves to meet the Dead Men of Dunharrow...for the greater good. To show them purpose and be released. You're like that Chum. You show the dying world they might be released from chains. I love you Chum.

    1. Yes, beautifully said, Richa and Roo :)

    2. yeah. and great analogy, love it :)

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