Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Need

If and only if I stand back, thank my Maker, and fall into His grace and His mercy every single day of my life, will I ever be able to honestly and humbly present myself to Him, and then walk in my royal inheritance, letting it deeply captivate my heart. For without humility, how can compassion exist? The two go hand in hand. Our Savior Jesus was humble, and in his extreme humility, his compassion flowed freely and unconditionally to all he came in contact with. Jesus, whose example we strive to repeat, is living inside us to let us know that He is our missing link. He is the one in whom we should fall upon. His grace. The grace that has been with us since the day he died for us and broke every chain that has ever or will ever hold us down and lie to us about our identity.

Admitting our sin is just the first step. It's another step to admit we need God's grace, every moment of every day. We can't pick and choose when and where we need His grace. We just simply need it. We need it to breathe. We need it to move. We need it to pray, to speak, to hear, to know, to believe, and most of all, to change. We need it most to change. I need it most to change.

Thank you Jesus, that you freely give it. This grace has already been given. And now we can walk in it with all the joy and excitement that it brings, for all of our days to come.


  1. Chum, I was floored and made incredibly joyful reading this blog entry and see you put your insides on the outside to display the magnificence of Jesus...His Grace, we NEED it to forget what has been and LIVE like we were only just born, fully grown into a vibrant, glorious world. I also am reminded of how resilient you are made by Jesus living in you. You write about "need", "humility", "grace" with so much familiarity because you are someone who lives out what you write. Jesus bless you my Chum. Wish we lived in the same city!

    1. Beautiful Babi, thanks for the encouraging and loving words :) I love you, and love that I can write my feelings down. Thanks for your continued support and your inspiration, always pushing me to write more, to dream more, and to see more. Wish we lived in the same city too my love.