Saturday, March 22, 2014

Seen it All

I thank my Jesus, for knowing what is going on. I thank him for knowing my heart, and everything inside it, all the time. He knows the pain in my heart. He is the healer. He knows the joy in my heart. He is the provider. He knows the worry in my heart. He is the comforter. He knows the love in my heart. He is the giver. He knows the passion in my heart. He is the fire.

I'm so thankful my God knows me. Down to the core. Even if no one else in this life ever will, He does, and will always be interested in me. He will always be interested in everything about me. If nothing or no one else gets close enough to experience or feel the depths of my heart, my feelings, my passions, my dreams, my desires; my soul will find satisfaction in that my Jesus has seen and felt it all. And he always knows.

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  1. That was so succinctly written Chum. I loved it. I'm going to re-blog it on mine : ) Only if you say 'yes'// I loved it because it is out of this kind of intimacy that bears all fruits of power. So well put Chum. I love you. I thought about you all week/weekend. I was telling Robby.D 'yeah, you were just with my best friend. Isn't she amazingly made?'.. He loved it! : ) I have funny stories for you Chum. T.White said some things this week that made me think---'Chum will love this one'---actually, there were a lot of things said that made me think that. So I would request the H.S to do a thought transfer from my head into yours---you know, since they don't have an app for that yet ; )